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Maintenance & Service

Ace Control Systems have a dedicated Service and Maintenance Department. Our Team consists of highly experienced personnel to provide our clients with the highest quality of service covering all BMS, Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems.


Services Provided:

• Provision of Preventative Maintenance Contracts.
• Servicing of HVAC Plant & Equipment.
• Servicing of Building Management Systems.
• Dedicated Service & Maintenance Team.
• 24Hour X 365 Day Emergency Call-Out Facility.
• Remote Bureau Monitoring of Systems
• Expert Advice & Customer Training Programmes.

BMS Control Systems

• Control Panel Inspection & Service.
• Control Devices Test, Validation & Calibration.
• Routine Monitoring & Assessment of System Performance.
• System Programmed for maximum Efficiency.


HVAC Plant & Equipment

• Air Handling Unit & Fan Servicing.
• Routine Replacement of Drive Belts & Filters.
• Comprehensive Reporting & Recommendations.
• Only Highest Quality Materials are installed.


Remote Monitoring

Using the latest technology we provide remote access communication that ensures any plant and equipment problems are identified immediately. Remote trouble shooting enables continued operation and optimum use of maintenance resources. Instant response notification to Ace Control Systems and Client enables our engineers to identify the problem equipping them with the information to promptly restore operations. Integrated Energy Monitoring to remote Bureau pro-actively manages energy used and can assist in identifying savings to reduce your energy bill.